Automated Bitcoin trading strategy with verified results.

Coinist Bot is an algorithmic trading strategy that connects to your favorite exchange and automates your trades. The strategy runs on Stacked where trade history is verified via API.

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Coinist Bot Live-Trade Performance

The strategy runs on a platform called Stacked. The Stacked platform is a marketplace for automated strategies that allows traders to connect a strategy to their favorite exchange for automating trades. The Stacked platform also publishes strategy performance for live-trades, and you can see them yourself HERE.

The strategy trades BTC/USD and works with Bitcoin denominated accounts. Since inception on 1/1/2021, the strategy performance is +63.05% which means it has outperformed Bitcoin by that amount (earned 63% more Bitcoin).

coinist bot trading per.PNG

Supported Exchanges

The strategy connects to your favorite exchange via API and is non-custodial, which means you do not have to deposit money somewhere new and it cannot withdraw your funds. It can only execute trades when you grant access.

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Coinist Bot Free-Trial 

For access to the 30-day free trial, use code "coinist30" during checkout. You can view the bot performance and get signed up by clicking this button:


Strategy Backtest Data

The performance data on Stacked platform only shows live-trade performance which is verifiable via API for real trades placed. The data below shows backtest performance which is historical performance before the trading strategy was live.

2019-2021 Coinist Bot Historical Backtest


Coinist Bot Bybit BONUS

Bybit Exchange is offering a signup bonus for traders that create a new account to try the Coinist Bot trading strategy. You can see the terms below.



If you have any questions about the Coinist Bot or Stacked platform you can contact me on Twitter @CoinistBot.